James Bombardier

I am a tech enthusiast, currently living out my dream in Kyoto, where the ancient meets the cutting edge. With an insatiable passion for technology, digital media, and video games. In my free time I enjoy drumming, Japanese calligraphy (書道), photography, and bodybuilding  As I pursue further education, I am not just crafting a career but a lifestyle that intertwines diverse interests. My mission extends beyond borders; I seek to embrace and foster human connections worldwide, weaving a tapestry of shared experiences and global collaboration.

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Welcome to my portfolio, a dynamic showcase where my background in Computer Science and Business converges with a passion for creativity. Through captivating photography, immersive game development projects, and sleek web development endeavors, I invite you to explore the diverse facets of my work. Each project encapsulates the essence of my journey, blending technology with imagination to craft compelling digital experiences. Join me on this succinct yet impactful exploration of my professional narrative, where pixels come together to tell a story of innovation and expertise.


Game Development
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Career Chronicle: Bridging the Gap between Business Strategy and Digital Expertise


Embarking on a journey that blends passion with purpose, my academic pursuits form the foundation of my diverse narrative.

Athabasca University
Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems
Minor in Business Administration with Honours and Distinction
September 2019 — March 2023
UBC Sauder School of Business
 Real Estate Sales Certification
June 2016 — October 2016
Digital Marketing Institute
Digital Marketing Pro Certification
May 2023
Foundations of Project Management
August 2023
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Work Experience

Navigating professional landscapes with a blend of strategic acumen and technological finesse, my work experience unfolds as a testament to my commitment to excellence.

Source Select Marketing
VP of Operations
February 2024 - Present
Source Select Marketing
Operations Supervisor / Marketing Strategist
April 2023 — February 2024
Andre's Electronics
Salesman & Keyholder
October 2018 — January 2020
October 2022 — January 2023
Self Employed
Real Estate Agent / Freelance Photographer & Videographer
October 2016 — July 2018
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